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'05 GT, Blue Smoke from A/C


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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, just looking for some good advice...


I have a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT, 116k miles, bought used 2 years ago.


Problem: There is blue smoke coming through the A/C vents and also out from under the hood of the engine compartment - ONLY when the A/C is running.

This problem seems to be worse in the morning.

The smoke can be significant enough that passersby will comment that I am burning oil. I know it's not oil because burnt oil smells like, well, burnt oil.


Background: Along with this issue I recently had problems overheating. I took the car to my local shop and after running diagnostics they replaced the radiator and the thermostat.

No more overheating, but blue smoke remains.

I recently had the serpentine belts replaced as well.


Any ideas on what could be the cause of the blue smoke??




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You say it doesn't smell like oil so can you describe the smell?


When you say "only when the A/C is running", do you mean the A/C compressor or whenever you have air coming through the vents? Does it do it if you press the A/C button to turn off the A/C but still leave the fan on?

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