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08-09 Front end conversion?

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Does anyone know if an 08-09 front-end(bumper, headlights, fenders) will bolt up to a 05-07 front? If it does, are there any small bits and pieces I will need? I need to replace my bumper, and prefer the way the 08-09 looks anyways.
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Because I'm sure I can get a complete 08-09 front end cheaper than a JDM unit. I can play "the waiting game" for 08-09 parts while JDM stuff I'm stuck with getting it from a distributor(even then I've seen them go for about $1000/piece).
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I recently had a fender bender with my 05 and have opted to go for the 08/09 front end myself. I have gathered a list of part numbers in case anyone else was looking to convert or may have landed in the same boat as I did and wanted to have all new.


Bumper Cover - 57704AG30A

Grille - 91121AG20A

Grille Emblem - 91035A032

Headlights - ® 84001AG50B (L) 84001AG50A

Headlight Brackets - ® 57707AG13A (L) 57707AG14A

Foglights - ® 84913FE260 (L) 84913FE270

Foglight Covers - ® 57731AG36 (L) 57731AG37

Tow Hook Cover - 57731AG95A

Fenders - ® 57110AG12A9P (L) 57110AG13A9P

Bumper Beam - 57712AG36A

Bumper Absorber - 57705AG23A

Corner Supports - ® 57707AG19A (L) 57707AG20A

Cover Air Intake - 57731AG98A


Not certain every part on this list was needed for the conversion and please feel free to chime in or correct me if that's the case and I will remove it from this post, and my list to the body shop. Just trying to make this thread more usable...especially since I'm digging it up a bit...


Headlights, fenders, bumper, bumper beam, foam absorber, grill, headlight brackets, fogs, custom pig tail for fogs.. Pretty sure that's everything. Ask me how I know.. Lol


Can you elaborate on the pig tails for the fogs? I assume you used the 08+ connector and repined it to work with the 05 wiring? Was there anything out of ordinary with the headlamps? The wiring looked a little different in there as well...

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