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Big paint project this weekend! Need Advise!

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This weekend ill be doing a bunch of painting on my 08 Legacy. Im going to be repairing and re painting part of my bumper, clearing out and painting the housing of my headlights, and painting the grill. On the bumper there is about a foot long scuffed area that ill be re painting, and repairing two decently sized holes. I wanted to get everyone's input on if i will have all the right materials to do this and if anyone had any advise they could give me for doing this on a 2008. Thanks


Material List


Ever coat clear polyurethane filler


400,320,180,80 grit sand paper

Semi-flat black primer (For Headlight Housing)

U-POL (High solid primer filler)

Molding Primer

Halogen turn signal bulbs

And misc items (Silicone, Painting tape, mixing stick, ect)

Also have a pint of the C2J Paint color for bumper and Grill (Factory Obsidian Black paint code)

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get a small sanding block , if your painting plastic get adhesion promoter (bulldog works best)...


better get some 600 paper to so you can sand the primer , wet block it with a 3m soft block , thats after you take it down with the 400..makes a better finish less scratches.


and if your painting the bumper better get grey or gold 3m scuff pads .. for prepping the surface before paint


you spraying with a paint gun ?...

like hvlp gun.... you need clear also...


only asking cause im a painter...preping is more of a pita then painting is by far

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