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Tennessee Roll Call


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Thanks man... Hey why were you in Nashville. You're in Wisconsin right? If you ever come down here again... Let me show ya some Tennessee hospitality and buy ya a beer and we'll talk cars, maybe cruise through town. We're you in your 05 LGT?
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I used to live in the smyrna/m'boro area. I was down there for thanksgiving visiting my folks. I flew down, so no leggy, and honestly I don't think my car would make it with the mileage it has (231k). I'll for sure be down for TG next year. Hopefully I'll have her rebuilt by then, lol. I did take a tour of Yazoo with my brother while I was down there, that's some tasty brew right there. There was a guy with a stage two 05 bsm in the boro area, but that was a few years ago.
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Whats up guys? New owner of an 05' Obsidian Back LGT Wagon, any meet ups around here? Im a former Audi/VW guy with a LOT of questions... Been browsing the forums here and nasioc, do you guys have any meets in the area? Would love to take a ride in another LGT to see where mines at performance wise, she's a little rough at the moment. ;-)
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Hey jami, this is chas. hey so here is basically who is in the Greater Nashville area and the near by areas-

John Campbell - silver 05 LGT - Clarksville

Rudy - 05 Blue LGT - Clarksville

Tiffany - Silver 08 2.5i - visits from out of town

Bruce Stiltner - use to own a LGT temporarily lives in Madison and north Nashville


We usually get together because of the Clarksville Subaru page on Facebook. Take pics, grab a beer, whatever







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There isn't really a set day we meet up. Usually we just pay close attention to the Clarksville subaru page. People will talk about meeting up or getting together for a beer. People also post links to different car meets in the area and a lot of people like to cruise together. The page is also great if you are trying to sell something. Or need help with a car project. I've got the guys coming to my house, or I go up to Clarksville all the time to help out a friend with a project, or if I need their help. Lord knows I need it. :lol:
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