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5th Gen 2010 Legacy GT Motor Photos

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I haven't been paying attention to any 5th generation Legacy engine builds so I don't know what information there are out there already. I'll summarize a little of the engine pull and tear down.


Pulling the engine:

The two engine mounts are now on the sides of the transmission right behind the engine. The front engine mount is supported by a V-brace that's bolted onto the front of the engine then bolted onto the lower radiator frame, which now has a jack point unlike the previous models & years. The power steering, alternator and ac now run on a single belt with a sprung tensioner. The power steering and ac can be placed on the sides of the engine bay after the belt is off and bolts removed. The exhaust manifold and turbo has to come off or the turbo will come in contact with the front lower frame when pulling the engine out. Oil lines and other rubber lines where removed as with the intake plumbing. Once coolant hoses, vacuum, and wiring was disconnected, the engine can be pulled forward, then up and out.


Engine tear down:

Once the engine was out you could see that it runs dual AVCS. All the timing components are what you'd find in an EJ-engine. The cylinders heads are small ports on the intake ports and heads stamped E25. Take note of the right hand head's intake cam driven oil pump for the turbo oil drain. The oil pan has an aluminum spacer then a small pan. The shape is bias to the back to clear the exhaust manifold. Remove the pan before the spacer. There are some bolts you need to access inside once the small pan is removed. Everything else comes apart like an EJ-engine would.

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