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Switchable ground with auxillary lights?


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I took my old auxiliary off-road light setup from my old '99 forester and installed in onto my 2005 Outback XT. It's wired with a standard 3 prong switch that switches on/off relays, but only when the brights are on. When I wired it up I realized that the brights on the OBXT operate by a constant power switchable ground instead of simply turning power on. I don't have a power, load, and ground now. This has complicated my switch setup and I'm not sure how to wire it at this point.


Any experience/advice to connect a switch using switchable ground instead of power? I want the switch to only be active when the brights are on so that auxillary lights can only be operable when brights are on.

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My old college physics professor would be ashamed of my circuit skills these days. I thought about it and drew a little diagram.

1. Relay ground becomes 12v

2. Switch power becomes 12v (connected to 12v headlight relay in my case)

3. Switch ground becomes "switchable ground" of high beam wire.


Current in the correct direction and relays switch in the correct direction and everything is dandy.

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