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fstaslp's 2006 Outback XT Build


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Well I figured I had better post this up here, as I get most of my info from you fine folks.


I just wanted to place this here for a record of what i have done and will do to the car. This is my first Subaru.


Car Info:2006 Subaru Outback XT- Automatic

82,000 Miles


Day I bought it:




Lowered on LGT Suspension with Prodrive P1's:



New Kuat Roof Rack:






204UH Headunit with AUX and Sirius

LGT Suspension

Prodrive P1's 17x7

Kuat Vagabond X Roof Rack

TRS Retroquik 4300k HID Setup

Defrost Vent Pod with boost gauge



COBB SF Intake and box

COBB Down Pipe

Grimmspeed Up Pipe

Grimmspeed Turbo Heat Shield

Grimmspeed Master Cylinder Brace

BMB's Bulletproof for the TMIC

Cobb AP Stage 2 SF map



Hex Mod's F1 Valve body Mod

Fluid flush on 5-10-13

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Very nice haha I have an LLBOB in the same color. Ill have to do the same too a progress thread lol.


Interested in the head unit swap you did.. gotta research on that a little.


Looks great tho.

Bryan C.

NorCal - SupraLegacy - 05 LGT Wagon 5MT - 15 FXT Premium


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Yeah try to as much as possible, but with all of the rain, it has been rough on the trails. Interestingly enough that sticker came on the car when I bought it. I have since removed it because it was cracking and worn out up close.
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Now officially Stage 2.


Got the COBB down pipe, Grimmspeed Up Pipe, and new Grimmspeed Turbo Heat shield. I also installed a Prosport Halo Boost Gauge.


I'd say it was a pretty productive night.


Tomorrow I'll install the master cylinder brace.


Next episode will be the HexMods F1 Valve body. Gotta take it easy until it gets here.

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After driving with the brace for a day, I can say it was well worth the cuts on my arms.


I haven't been able to enjoy the stage 2 yet because I still need to install the F1 Valve body, but it is running smooth and there are no leaks.

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Well the F1 is in and man is it NICE! The shifts are firm, and feels much stronger. I would definitely recommend it even if you think the tranny would be fine with out it.


Next step now is to get off this OTS tune and find some more power.

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