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Track Tire wear vs alignment


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my track tires are Dunlop StarSpec. great tire held up well over 7 events. I rotate front to rear each event to even them out from front abuse but the last event seemed to take a bit more life off the outside front tires. not the side wall just the very outer shoulder.

plan has always been to get the tires to about this point and then (flip them)have them remounted with the less worn shoulders out.....but heres the dilemma:


I just installed new whiteline top hats that offer -0.5* camber. I have always been at my setups max of -0.9* up front. after my alignment I should be at -1.4* (yeah math) which should be great for the track ( I don't DD much).

but if I rotate the worn shoulders in, would they not then be on the higher contact area of the inside?

logically this makes sense but since I don't know the exactness of the alignment and how it will increase wear on the inside I have no clue where to start.


im thinking ill just flip the two worst tires with wear and fun them on the rear as they wont be worn bad back there. and the not so worn shoulders can be run up front for a bit with the increase - camber setting the inside meaty untouched shoulders. maybe a pic will help but I forgot my camera at a friends so ill have to wait.

any ideas would help, thanks


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