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Xentec Vs. Sportiva 35W Slim Ballasts w/pics


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So I have been using a Xentec 35W slim HID kit for the past 2 months. Let me start by saying these are JUNK Chinese ballasts and I am sorry I purchased them at all, even though they were under $50.


Originally I purchased the kit with 5000k H7 bulbs, when I installed them I noticed how weak the light was and rather than a white/blue you would expect from 5k they were rather a limey greenish hue. Besides the weak, discolored light output the driver side light would constantly flicker. It was not bad but I am crazy when it comes to that stuff so the constant movement of the light beam on the ground was unacceptable.


I thought ok, maybe the bulbs are cheap, I ordered some more bulbs from a different company but this time 4300k. They were brighter but still had a weak greenish tinge which was very annoying and still did not throw out light very far.


Eventually I smartened up and ordered some Sportiva 35w slim AC ballasts. The difference is like night and day. The Sportiva ballast has some serious weight to it and is an all metal case, unlike the Xentec which weights about as much as our key fob and is all plastic. The light output from the Sportiva ballast is even, bright, and does not flicker one bit. I forgot to mention, I did not change the bulbs either.


The before and after pics speak for themselves, left side Xentec right Sportiva, both with the same set of 4300k H7 bulbs.

I ordered the new kit with D2S bulbs since I already have the RX projectors that are just waiting for a nice weekend! :wub:



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Excellent comparisons. I have a set of Xentec sitting in the garage that I was planning to install but after reading this thread I will l look into the Sportiva. By the way, where did you order your ballast?
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Yeah if you have them already just keep them as a backup ballast for an emergency or maybe even fog lights if you want to make use out of them.


I used a great seller on ebay all they do is sportiva, fortemotors is their name.

There are some great vendors on here that sell good proven HID kits as well but I wanted to try something different and give some feedback for a little variety.

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