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Misfires and blowing smoke! HELP!

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Okay so after my 20G install it did good at the dyno. later that night i got a misfire on cylinder 3 and the car shut off. reset it and it seemed to be fine. then a day or 2 later i started hearing a ticking noise and seemed to be in the same area as the cylinder but it was hard to really pin point. yesterday me and a buddy were heading up to the strip to run our cars. on the way there the misfire occurred a lot more often and wasnt taking off in first real well. was pretty hesitant. after we got to the track, my first run the car was hesitant and was bogging a bit. 2nd run was about the same. Then the third and final run happened. I started going, had a good launch it was pulling pretty good, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and then as soon as i hit 4th, no power, smoke blowing out of the back, and the car shut off before i got around the end of the track. it would barely move or even stay running at all. i pulled it to the side and checked the AP and i was getting 1 and 3 misfire. i noticed a little bit of oil coming out of the dp gasket on the turbo. my thoughts is the injectors went out and the seals on the turbo blew. I dont think its anything with the internals but im not 100% sure either. I was told my oil return could be backed up as a possibility also. I was hoping someone may have had a similar problem and could help. also in the market for some decently priced, good condition 850cc side feeds and if anyone knows what i should do about the return line if thats a good culprit? ive got a warranty on the turbo so that isnt a huge deal if thats part of my problem. Any help is appreciated!!!

06 GT - Totalled 😢... to be continued

07 Spec B - Wife took over 🤔

06 i - getting built motor and 6 speed 😁

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Why... in the world.. would you bring your car to the track after already knowing something's wrong? And then to keep ragging on the car for repeated runs after clearly having symptoms??


Who installed what on your car? What was done on the dyno exactly?

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