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5th Gen Forum Sticky Threads - Housekeeping

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Hello All,


You may have already noticed the addition of the new Sticky threads.


In an effort to have informative topics of interest easily accessible, while being easily searchable ....these Sticky threads have been created.


If you have a individual post that you would like moved to one of the Sticky threads .... notify SBT (Administrator)


Reference links to existing informative posts will work on active threads, although I'm not sure if we would lose the link if the Main thread is closed or removed ... ?


Hopefully we can reduce the amount of redundant threads and improve the navigation to information we all benefit from.


Sticky Threads should be used to highlight a particular project of interest, to share with the community. Please keep general conversation and questions limited to the common areas of the forum, with quoted references to a particular Sticky post if necessary.

If you find you have posted a general Q&A type post, in error, within a Sticky Thread, -- Please delete your post and re-post in the appropriate common areas of the forum.


To make this work we need to have a community effort. :)


Thanks for your help!

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BB - thanks! Like to see this grassroots effort.


To make this easily searchable, recommend using the prefix "5th Gen" in front of your thread titles - specifically for the technical threads.

- Pro amore Dei et patriam et populum -
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