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Clunking sound, replacing strut mounts and LCA


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So since no one can tell me what's causing the sound (via inspection), i'm going with what I know from a prev car, and what was discussed in another thread.


I'm replacing my LCA bushings and strut mounts.

I'm JDM, so I assume using the spec B strut mounts wont be a problem with my setup. Only problem is, i've changed to KYB, can I make up the spacer using washers underneath the bolts?



LCA Bushings:http://www.fredbeansparts.com/whiteline-front-inner-control-arm-bushing-kit.html


Is this the right part? this is the part that normally goes bad right? I hope these are the polyurethane ones

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Before moving forward, I would suggest trying to tighten the end links and checking your sway bar bushings. A mere 1/9 turn on the endlinks finally solved my problems, but that was after replacing bushings and several months of trying to track it down.


I cannot speak to about the strut mounts, but the bushing that usually tears on the lower control arm is found here:



Looking at the picture below, courtesy of Infamous, the bushing that I linked appears on the left. The bushing that you linked appears in the right in the middle:


I figured that I would replace both while the control arms were off and have never looked back.

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