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Going to Stage II... advice?

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OK, so after months of gathering parts, and a month of looking at the parts trying to find the time to do the install, I am finally ready to go to Stage II this weekend.


I have done a search of walkthroughs for the down and up installs and found conflicting information.


Here, the OP just took off the left side of the exhaust manifold:



Other posts I have read (including the Perrin website) said that you have to unbolt the engine mounts and raise the engine to remove the UP (might have been a WRX walkthrough?).


So my question is, since I don't have any of the crossover pipe gaskets, is it possible to drop both sides of the manifold while still attached (I do have both manifold gaskets). Or should I just cross my fingers and hope my local dealership has the crossover gasket in stock tomorrow am?


I also plan on fixing my leaky valve cover gaskets and changing plugs. Is there any advantage to doing this while the UP and manifold are out of the car (clearance, etc.)?


Lastly, please chime in with any helpful hints tricks and tips for the install. I am decent wrench and have a full can of PB Blaster, but this is my first time messing with the LGT exhaust.


I am really pumped to get this done. Having all the parts for a month has been keeping me up at night.

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Wow, kind of late to ask.


You can drop the whole exhaust manifold from both heads, don't mess with the crossover pipe gaskets.


I would have told you to get bolts and bolt the turbo to the up pipe. It makes it much easier to install the turbo, oil return hose and inlet at the same time. I used the same bolts as the bolts that hold the up pipe support bracket to the block. I got them from the dealer.


You may want to replace the oil return hose too. Your is stiff, hard and they crack and then leak. You may want to pull the banjo filter too.


Do you have spare 3/8 bolts and nuts to replace the bolts from the DP to Mid pipe ? Just in case.

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ok, I should add that I have already taken out the banjo bolt filter previously and plan on checking the current turbo for shaft play etc with the DP out.


@max- I know, last minute. So, I am wasn't planning on removing or installing the turbo as part of this install, and I do have new hardware for both sides of the UP. Still a good time to replace the oil return? I can try and get it in the AM.

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Definitely replace oil return if you can a hold of the hose. You might be able to replace it with something generic from the auto parts store since it's just a simple straight hose, but I'm not sure if the generic hose will hold up as well to the heat cycling as the OEM.
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