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red relay?

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anybody know what the red relay is actually for on the 91 suby legacy (JDM) is for?? (near the fuel pump relay under the dash)


any time its plugged in, it sets the horn off non stop - and the horn button does nothing to interrupt or stop it.


is it a factory alarm relay - or just the horn relay???




further - does anyone know what the part number is on that relay? - the numbers are REALLY obscured on it in the first place.

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The relay is rated at 7.5-10 amps and has three terminals. The green/white wire goes to fuse #12. The red/blue wire is connected to the horns. The red/green wire goes to the horn button, this is the grounding wire to activate the relay. I would think that the relay is good and your trouble is in the horn button. Steven.

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Thanks so much man! I've been on many forums, haven't gotten a clear straight answer like that before.


I'm pretty sure its the horn button....


Its got a horrible aftermarket steering wheel in it. Looks like something out of "too fast, too ridiculous"

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