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Evap system mess, P0440

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[new to subaru, cross posting to ultimatesubaru not sure where people are active]


Hello everyone, so I just got myself a 1998 Red Legacy Wagon, in 5 speed with the 2.2L engine. P0440 error code is present.


I got it for pretty cheap and knew going in that the evap system is a mess, the previous owner installed what I believe is the wrong filler neck? I have two open hoses that smell of raw gas in the wheel well. I also found an extra middle access port above the gas tank, opened that up and there are also disconnected hoses there. I'm trying to find help regarding what the system is supposed to look like.


The two little hoses are super rusted out, I'm thinking of tearing them out all the way back to where ever they connect and just replacing them with rubber hose? I also saw the post where the guy replaced his with a copper tube, even though that's the older model I believe with just one hose.


Anyways I took some pictures, open connections are circled in red. I'm looking for help on how I can repair the system, or what the system is supposed to look like when it's not butchered :)


Album of pictures here

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I'm starting to think the disconnected hard lines on top of the tank don't matter, and they've been replaced with the rubber hoses there (hoses look pretty new, and there should not be so many damn fuel lines in the middle of fuel tank according to diagrams)


If this is the case I think all I need to do is to repair the two small lines (they go up to top of fuel filler neck... to a cutoff valve?)


Since my fuel filler neck does not have these two I may be getting a new one... or the valve was optional can I just connect these two lines together?


Whatever I do I will try to take pictures and document everything for future people having problems.

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Okay so I think I found what these two pipes are - the same spot is circled in both photo and diagram (Still not sure where they go to internally)






And the other end of them connects to the "Shut Valve"

I don't remember if I have one of those so I will check when I get a chance.









looking at a replacement: http://www.fillernecksupply.com/servlet/the-1009/1999-99-2000-00/Detail


says "all 4 vent lines" I have no idea what those 4 vent lines are...

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Damn I didn't think our cars had some many emission lines back there. Those lines go from the tank and the evap canister. Their all for venting the fuel vapors.


Is there a diagram anywhere of which line should connect to what? Like a not to scale schematic type thing like they have for vacuum hoses and electrical?



edit: found it





Now I just have to figure out which two hoses are my two little rusted ones...

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