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remote start for an 09 2.5i?

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just a quick question, I couldn't find an answer through searching.


Is an 09 2.5i SE already compatible with a engine starter remote? Would I need to buy additional hardware in addition to a remote or can I just buy an aftermarket remote and install like I did with my keyless entry remote?


I was under the impression just from looking at old brochures that all 09's have the capability, but I want to make sure before I buy.



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I believe you would need the whole kit, not just the remote. The part number is H001SAG200, and I think the instructions below would still apply even though they're for the H001SAG100 and not the H001SAG200. Hopefully someone can step in and correct me if I'm wrong, but I definitely think you need more than just the remote. The remote starter will only work in A/T models by the way, unless theres some workaround that I'm unaware of.




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