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Flimsy front frames

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I have noticed the flex while I was down there a few months ago checking ball joints and my steering rack bushings, didn't give the flex much thought as I was balls deep in my swap, I was getting a nasty thud while going over speed bumps on the passenger side. Crawling over the speed bump even gives that thud sound that I can't figure out to this day.


I think your dead on with that idea, I would totally do that, I have plans to make my bd a desert runner in the future.

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Lol, yeah I would do the mad Max thing if I had another daily, I'm working on a street slammer with my wagon right now but that's all going to stop.


I have some ugly vibrating and a lot of noise coming from the rear of my sedan as of yesterday, vibrating so much all of my mirrors are blurry.


I was about to buy an 81 Cressida that was all murdered out, it had 15x8 and stretched tires. Looked sick with that long wheelbase on it...but it was an electrical nightmare

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