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New to Legacy. ? about set up n VF52


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Im new to the Subie Fam. Im coming from a 08 EVO X (IVEYTUNED) 455whp 429wtq @33psi FP red Meth and many other mods.


Not familiar with Subie as much nor AutoTranny Legacy so my ? is to everyone that can assist..


Who has a VF52 (particularly) on 5EAT Legacy, and how do you like the feel with fine tuning and what your dyno numbers are along with set-ups.

Id like to have an idea of what to expect seein as though its a huge decrease in performance for me along with autotrans. And what numbers(dynojet or mustang etc) i should be expecting. Thanks. Serious advice and knowledge preferred.


My setup blueprint is:


Invidia Catback

Invidia Dwnpipe Divorced(no Cat)

COBB short ram intake (no box)

Go fast bits Hybrid BOV (looking 50-50)

VF52 turbo

stock or 650cc Inj

Walbro Fuel pump

(Maybe man Boost control)if nec.

COBB Access port tune

Stock or Aftermarket TOP MOUNT inc.

93 OCT

And as much power and tq as i can get safely on Autotrans.

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I'd go with a kstech intake and a upgraded intercooler my car went through three stock coolers with a vf52. Don't the think you need a boost controller or bov. Maybe a bpv. If you do get a boost controller get ebcs. I think the auto can hold more power if you get the valvebody. Don't forget about suspension
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with stock injectors you'll probably see 260whp and 300tq. Injectors is a must if you want to see atleast 300whp. Get a trucool auto trans cooler and hexmods f1 valve body and then maybe you can start thinking about upgrading at a bnr18g.


my 5eat vf52 made 270hp and 380tq on just a test run, but my tuner said it was too much for a auto trans that just has a cooler. Told me to upgrade the valve body then come back. he took two degrees of timing out and left it at 263whp and 320wtq


my plan is to install 740cc injectors, pp crosspipe and exhaust manifold from grimmspeed, hexmods f1 valvebody and retune. should be seeing 300+whp with that 380tq im dying to feel. With the hexmods valve body installed, the transmission should hold up atleast 350whp


the hexmods valve body isn't really necessary if you don't trash your car too often, but im the kinda person that would rather be safe than sorry. Most people who push on 5eat's, their trannys end up taking a dump sooner or later. Center diff. bushings would probably be a good idea as well if you're gonna power brake launching your car

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