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Flex pipes in EL header


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Okayyyy after doing a lot of reading on here and reading multiple opinions and whatnot....i have a question.


I'm looking at the M2 EL headers...for $165, can't really go wrong, besides the flex pipes on it.


Now, would it be acceptable to cut the flex joints out and weld 2 pieces of straight stainless steel pipes in there? Some people are saying "no, pipes will crack due to engine movement"...but what about all the higher priced manifolds? ie: perrin, gtspec, invidia, tomei, etc....they don't have flex joints in them at all. Will those ones NOT crack due to thicker piping?


Also heard of injecting the engine mounts with a polyurethane...


So here's my consensus; correct me if i'm wrong, PLEASE!


Cheap manifold w/ flex pipes swapped for straight pipes: cracked pipes or polyurathane-injected mounts

Expensive manifold w/ no flex pipes: everything will be fine, just bolt it up...


I would highly appreciate any advice...

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