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Wind noise/gusset repair

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I noticed no one really discusses wind noise issues with the older models... I been researching the issues with wind noise and torn material on the mirror gusset and found most of the complaints in forums for model years around 2000 and up. Now, i would assume that our older models having many more miles and age would have more problems?.... idk?... But i've had torn mirror gussets and wind noise above 45mph since i've had the car (almost 20 months) and FINALLY figured out a cheap fix!! Wish i would've thought of this a long time ago!!

My torn window gusset



Found a nice piece of black vinyl at the fabric store for 4 bucks



spray glued and recovered the gusset and adjusted gusset and glass




Did this for both sides. Its not perfect, but no more wind noise and looks not bad either.... for a 20 year old car! lol

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