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Weird clutch problem only in the morning!

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Hey Guys,


Recently I had a new/used 5MT installed in my 98 legacy gt wagon to cure an elusive bearing failure in my old transmission and I've noticed a problem that only seems to present itself when I first drive the car in the morning.


When I start off in first gear the car tends to buck pretty hard as I release the clutch pedal. 1st gear will engage in a normal clutch pedal position about a quarter way through its travel, but right at the end of the pedal release the car will buck, almost as if there is a final bit of engagement.


I've noticed if I sit there and pump the clutch pedal while in neutral for about a minute this problem will either not happen or be less severe. Any ideas? I figure the hydraulics need to be bled...?:confused:



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Damn you Subikid, always beat me to the punch. Aha


Bleed the clutch slave, like he said. Also I know this may be redundant but are you checkin other things in the immediate driveline area? (Flywheel chatter, trans mounts, rear diff mounts)


Mine did that bucking thing but it was my worn trans mount.


Have the flywheel resurfaced if you haven't, the slightest impurity in flatness will cause the clutch disk to not mate and settle immediately, which would give you that "final engagement" feel.


just some food for thought

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also, this happened to my friends bugeye, the throwout bearing wasn't completely hitting the pressure plate fingers evenly, resulting in partial clutch engagement that wouldn't be known to the driver until you hit boost. Then the car would rev up ~ 3200 and not accel
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