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Sun Visor / Mirror lights - please help


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I was trying to change a bulb (passenger side sun-visor mirror light) in my 2006 Wagon, and something "shorted". Now both mirror lights aren't working. And also both heated seats stopped working.


I don't have a test-light nor a volt-meter, so I was trying to check the interior fuses visually. I didn't check all of them, but I checked most of them; including Heated Seats and all that were related to lights. Fuses seem to be OK.


Map lights and dome lights still work.


What could be the problem?


Please help.



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I tried flipping the bulb. It is a long skinny cylindrical-like bulb.


Still doesn't explain why the driver side bulb and the heated seats stopped working at the same time.


Are these on the same circuit? (Same fuse?)

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Actually to my knowledge only the LED bulbs operate in one direction. But the stock ones work both ways. I'm not 100% on this though.


Either way, I tried reversing the bulb. It still won't come on.


And what bothers me most is that both of my heated seats won't turn on. It's -10C outside with -17C windchill factor.

That's 14F and 1.4F for my American friends.



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So I called my mechanic...


He says "Are the power mirrors working?"

I check and they're not. But what do the side mirrors have to do with anything?

He says "Don't ask, it's a Subaru. Check the MIR 7.5 fuse".

So I check and sure enough, it's burned.

I replace the Mirror fuse and magically my power mirrors, sun visor lights, and heated seats are all working again.


Problem solved.

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