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2010+ turbo location conversion


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I'm entertaining the thought of swapping my turbo location to an '10+ type of location for the decrease in time to spool and less tendency for exhaust leaks.


Or, I should say I was until I saw manifolds are $1300 from Subaru if you buy them new. The $1300 does include the cat, which I don't need.


The "easier-ness" of this lies on if the manifolds bolt up to the '05 engine, which it looks like they should?


Has this been discussed? I searched and found nothing, is there a thread I missed, I can't believe no one has tried this. I know mwiener2 did it on his own back before the '10+ came out, but I'm looking at using mostly '10+ parts.

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After looking at the '10+ location pics




and cross-referencing them to mwiener2's project




Looks like many things get in the way (oil filter, oil pan) to even use just the manifolds.

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