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BrenTuning: 2005 Legacy GT BNR68


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We recently had a 2005 Legacy GT show up with a built motor and BNR HTA68.


Event: Dyno tune

Car: 2005 Legacy GT

Tuner: BG @ BrenTuning

Location: Sea Level

Temperature: 42 degrees

Dyno Info: Dynapack 4000

Transmission: 5MT

Gear: 3rd

Peak HP: 363whp

Peak Torque: 392wtq

Baseline hp/tq for stock on same dyno: 190-200whp

Target Boost: 21 psi to taper to 19psi

Fuel: 93 octane


Engine/Power Modifications:


Fully built motor


Megan Racing Turbo Back Exhaust

850cc Injectors and pump

KS Tech BigMAF

Perrin TMIC

Grimmspeed EBCS

UEL Header







[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeT0hIPUbB4]BrenTuning 2005 Subaru Legacy GT BNR68 365whp/375wtq - YouTube[/ame]





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