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'97 legacy GT 2.5 "leftover" turbo build

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Hey guys, bare with me for now, I'm trying to get my thoughts out and all the info together so this is a work in process!!!



Ok here's the life story.

I just bought my first subaru back in December 2012 after my 4Runner got smoked! I got a great deal on the leggy and I love the crap out of it. It has 225,xxx miles but less than 20k ago the PO did head gaskets, timing belt and intake gasket. The car runs like a top and it's a sharp looking car.

Now I have a few friend who love subaru more than I loved Toyota. They all have upgraded cars and got the idea to piece together a turbo kit from there left overs. They thought it would work but wanted me to make a thread about it to put our questions to rest.

Now I've read a few posts about turboing the 2.5 and how it's not worth the money, but my friends are giving me dirt cheap prices on almost new genuine subaru parts.


Again just started this thread and I need to talk with them more to get an exact parts list of what they have for me.



I have more, but I gotta get back to work so I'll continue this tonight!

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In my experience proper turbocharging is going to cost you at least 3-4K... I dunno what they are going to sell you but if you are piecing something together it prob wont work very well in the end.


I had the same concerns myself. But they are adamant this will work and considering the "free" labor thats why I'm looking into this. The price is so good because of the almost free parts. They just want a project from the way they talk.



(Sorry but I'm gonna delete your post later tonight cays I want the first three posts)

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Hopefully, those spare parts include the full cross-member so you can run your UP to the turbo. I'm skeptical that you can do this at that price point and not compromise something else in the motor/build. Protune is going to run you at least $150.00-$300.00 so that doesn't leave you much to work with for the actual build


Not grinding on the idea. Just think it's priced unrealistically. GLWT

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Ok, looks like we got carried away on the price issue a bit. And i will be researching the matter more but can we focus on the "how to get it done" portion a bit more. Glad for the input guys.

Any-who, ill head to my friends place tomorrow to talk details on the available parts and what they are off and upload the info ASAP. Then we can fight about price.

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