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Baltimore/Annapolis area mechanics?


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I took my car to Annapolis Subaru 2 months ago for my first oil change since owning it and they recommend I get the AWD and transmission service done, I am not completely sure of the car's history so I say go ahead and end up with a $320 oil change. So I am just about due for 75000 mile maintenance and bring it back this time I looked up what was needed and it looked like your simple oil change and tire rotation on Subaru's maintenance schedule so no big deal right? The guy tells me the 75k service is $370 I ask what it is he says oil change tire rotation and change your cabin air filter. I said well how much for just the change and rotation. He gets out a calculator and says around $75. I say so you want to charge me $300 to change my cabin air filter? He's like well we check your belts and all wheel drive system which I just paid an extra 250 for them to do less than 90 days ago. Is there anyone around Baltimore or Annapolis that I can trust with my Leggy that isn't going to try and abuse me in the butt every time i walk in the door?
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