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front diff

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first, do only ONE SIDE AT A TIME.


mark the retaining ring and then remove the bolt and the lock tab. un-thread counter clock wise. COUNT the number of rotations. this is critical. remove the retaining ring and replace whatever you came for.


reinstall the retaining ring the EXACT number of turns, to the EXACT same position. failure to do this will change the back lash adjustment and could kill your diff.


then move to the other side.


why do you need to remove them?

what is wrong with your front diff?

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no, they snap in. there is a circlip on the end that holds it in. use the ones from the old trans. sometimes they will lose the circlip when they pop out but that is usually not a big deal. just get a replacement and pop it back in.


this is true and accurate for the 90 - 99 auto trans, and i'm pretty sure for the 00 - 05 auto trans. but at some point they redesigned the trans and the axles.

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