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Power steering flush ??

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Looking to flush the PS fluid and was wondering if it was ok to disconnect the return line, place that is a fluid pan, start the engine and pour fluid through until al the old was cycled out? Should I use AT fluid for the flush? Should I add any type of enhancers when refilling after the flush ?



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Use dex 3 atf. And i would not add anything extra.


What i did was remove the lower hose from the PS reservoir catch the dirty fluid, button it back together and top up. start the car and turn wheel lock to lock, shut down the engine and repeat. i did that about 4 or 5 times until the dirty atf looked clean. I had no issues with getting air in the system, or causing my pump to run dry using this method.

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I removed the the power steering/alternator belt

removed the return hose, put the hose in a small bottle

filled up the power steering reservoir all the way up and turned the ps pump by hand until red trans fluid came out, ,make sure you top off the fluid every once in a while


put the belt back on and jacked up the front of the car, did lock to lock and filled up the reservoir, did that a few times until the fluid coming out was a nice red color:)


doing it this way, i had to drive about 20ish miles and keep topping off the fluid reservoir after a few trips. mainly cause i was doing lock to lock with an air leak into the reservoir.... (return line)


did i notice a difference after everything? no

was the oil dirty: yes (30k is when it was done)

fluid i used: amsoil atf

5eat downshift rev match:):wub:

Powder coated wheels: completed:)

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