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headlight question

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Im a brand new subaru owner and I was lucky enough to find a mint 06 2.5i right across the river from me at a dealership. Im currently trying to do little cosmetic things like paint my calipers and tint the windows. I want to put some different bulbs in my headlights but I'm not sure if I need to buy an entire conversion kit or just the bulbs themselves. Does anyone have any helpful hints or info for me? And what would be a decent brand bulb I can install.
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Welcome new subaru owner. There's lots of things you can do with your lights... there are many threads on the forum about this topic and you can easily search for those. Generally search is your friend...


this section of the forum has a lot of the light mods:



and well just looking down it you will see many there just on the surface to have a look through... also search for threads by IDRVSLO who mods the lights for many members of the forum here and has many ideas you can view and maybe even decide you may like him to help you out. It's all there.

Good luck.

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Checkout this thread:



cliff notes:

Brightest low beam bulbs http://store.candlepower.com/osraulhiouh7.html

Next best, little bit whiter than the stock or Osram rallye bulbs



Best high beams


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