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Leather Refresh

Wang Lung

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I had an area about 5" by 7" that had zero dye at all. It was dark brown and ugly. Joe brought his mobile service by, matched the color, and sprayed dye on BOTH seats and seat backs, for $100. Any discoloration you see are shadows and contours. My five year old seats look brand new. Highly recommended.




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How's this holding up?


Good question. I haven't been in it since June when I gave it to my Daughter.


Looked at it tonight and it was teenager filthy. So I scrubbed the daylights out of it with Lexol. He told me NOT to do that. But it was hideously disgusting and I was curious what was under there.


The towel I used accumulated some of the dye. The bald spot is now covered about 50%. I have no way of knowing how much I took off and how much just wore off.


Mrs Lung is inheriting this car in August when my Daughter goes off to UNT. I will likely have it done again at that time.

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