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Looking for brake pads

Wifes Legacy

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I am looking for some decent brake pads for my wife's Legacy. She has a 07 2.5i 5spd. She wanted a manual but not a turbo so had to get a base model. Now 6 years later and 100k+ miles and all warrenties gone she is tired of the boring drive of this car. Since she needs new brake pads I figure getting an upgraded pad over OEM will at least make the car brake better and add to some spirited driving, I also plan on upgrading the swaybars and other suspension parts to get rid of the body roll and loose feel this car has. Not looking to make any more powerful just more enjoyable to drive a bit harder.


So first off what is a good pad for these cars? I have a G8gt and most folks there are big on Hawk and EBC, does that hold true here or are there better options for the money?


Thanks guys for any advice you can give me.

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