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FS (UT): Cobb Tuning credit

Inspector Gadget

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Cobb doesn't offer much for my now passé 2005 LGT, so I don't have much use for a $120 credit with free shipping. I could use it, but I don't really care if my car has a billet oil filler cap or pretty battery tie-down.


If you would like to save $20 and get free shipping on your next Cobb purchase, I'd rather have a $100 in my pocket.


I would also consider trading the credit for a front sway bar, catless up-pipe or ____________________.

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In response to a PM I received, I thought some additional information might be helpful. Should you elect to buy the credit from me, I would place the order and have your purchase shipped directly to you.


You may see it differently, but this is how I see it. If we were standing face-to-face, you would hand me $100 and I would give you $120 back. Not a bad exchange rate in my opinion and an opportunity most of us would jump at given the chance. Granted, this only makes sense if you are planning on buying something from Cobb.


In other words, don't low-ball me.

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