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2007 LGT Ltd - Pre-purchase questions


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I'm in the market for a new car and have been checking out LGT's for the past month or so. They've mostly been 05-06 models, manual, between 70-110k miles. The main issue so far has been that I live in Denver and these cars get snatched up quick out here.


Anyways, today I stumbled on a 2007 Legacy GT Ltd, 90k miles, auto transmission, completely stock in great condition at a local dealer. It has a clean one owner car fax, and they're asking $12,500.


I'm headed back tomorrow for a test drive, but wanted to get some feedback from the LGT community on what to look for/ask about while at the dealer and if this is a fair price. I have my own financing so they are pretty flexible, just looking for some assistance as I've never owned a Subaru, but really love the GT's I've seen so far.


Any comments on issues with the auto tranny you've experienced? Any known issues I should definitely look at?


Thanks for the help!

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Hey there, I am also from Denver and looking for a used Outback. I had one found but I was too slow. The hunt continues...


I haven't read much on it since I want a 5MT but from what I have read the 5EAT is pretty reliable. Maybe read through this thread:



Hopefully some others will chime in with more experienced answers.


Good luck in your search.

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I don't think that price is too ludicrous considering it's a dealer, but obviously you will want to talk them down as much as possible. I have a 5MT so no direct experience with the autos, but my sense of the forum is they are pretty reliable until you start significantly increasing engine output. But if all you've been looking at is manuals and you really want a manual, wait for a manual. It took me months to find a satin white pearl limited with 5MT in decent shape around here and I don't regret waiting.


The timing belt is due at 105K miles, so plan on doing that in the not too distant future. Have a look at the suspension bushings, particularly in the front lower control arms as they are not known for stellar life span. Make sure the front CV boots aren't getting dry and cracked, especially the passenger side one since it's near the heat of the turbo & downpipe. And turbo cars require a little more attention to maintenance, just goes with the territory. It's not unusual for these cars to use a little oil, just keep it topped up and don't go long on the oil change interval. By 07 they stopped putting the cat in the uppipe but I believe you still have a filter screen in the oil supply line to the turbo that you will want to inspect and/or remove. Read around the forum and see what others are complaining about, because chances are it will happen to you too.:lol:


I'm from Wheat Ridge originally. AWD is a big plus around there with the hills and the snow.

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