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BrenTuning: 2005 Legacy GT BNR16gEVO3


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Car: 2005 Subaru Legacy GT 5mt

Dyno: Dynapack (TCF 1.0)

Fuel: 93 octane Winter blend




-Stromung TBE

-Catless DP

-Grimmspeed solenoid

-Stock BPV

-Stock airbox and filter

-Stock fuel pump

-BnR 16g


-Catless uppipe




-10.8 at peak torque to 10.8 at 5500rpms then the car ramped slowly to 12.0 to redline (Car ran out of fuel and injectors went static at 5500)

-The amount of air the 16G moved even with the wastegate duty cycle at 0% still leaned the car out (the wastegate spring at 14.5 (1bar) maxed the injectors out.)

-Conservative timing.

-18.5 psi peak torque to 14.5 redline.

-Had to detune the boost to almost nothing and left the rev limiter at 6100. Do not run on stock fuel this 16G moves alot of air!

-BNR 16G is a kick ass turbo, will hold 17psi to redline with fuel mods.

-Super flat/long powerband - full tilt at 3000rpm.


Final tune:



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Old thread but good info.


I just ordered this same turbo. Anxious to see how it goes.

10' CTS-V, A6, Airraid, 2.4 upper, ID850's, self tuned.


SOLD:06' LGT Wagon. BNR16G, Catless UP, DOWN, Hexmods VB, Hexmods diff bushings, BIG TMIC.

Best 0-60: 4.651 by AP

1/4= 13.678@100.73 mph, 1.945 60', Automatic transmission.

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