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intermittent cyl3 misfire

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*car was stored for 6 months. after plating and driving around for a bit, used some fuel treatment and filled up on 93...issue came up 2 days after*


So ive done tons of research and found that this is kinda common and that it can be due to any number of things. Last week it came up and i brought it to a shop to have it checked out (working and dont have time to work on it myself and potentially not have something to get to work with). They checked the plugs and they were fine, and then swapped #1 and #3 coilpacks to check if it was that (no oil on the boot..WOO no leaks there); everything was okay. As they put it back together the problem seemed to have gone away :iam: so i drove it around extensively to try and get it to misfire, monitoring my knocking, roughness and AFRs. Everything seemed to be okay up until this morning (3 days later) on my way to work, was was just cruising and, same thing again.


I was thinking at this point it might be the injector, being that when we pulled the plug out, it wasent soaked or anything; infact it looked like two ends of metal that shorted out.


Or would my best bet be to replace all 4 plugs, coils, injectors?


Also the guy told me something along the lines of not having enough oil pressure and that potentially causing a lifter to not open the valve enough causing the misfire..sounds plausible, but if that was the case, would'nt the misfire go away, and not something that stays an issue for a long period of time, and then is fine for a while aswell?


Anyone want to chime in?

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