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Ever so Slight Squeal or Whistle

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So the last few weeks driving the legacy... Not sure If it's in my head or not, but I FEEL like the car just isn't boosting the way it normally has... Very close, but here's what I feel I'm noticing...


I feel like when gradually applying acceleration, to a point where boost should really start feeling noticeable, without actually shifting into overdrive flat out kind of acceleration... it's just feeling a little "Flat" just dragging a bit.


But when pushing the pedal into the floor for full acceleration, I'm feeling the boost at what seems to be 100%, motor/acceleration pulls at what feels to be 100% but then under heavy boost, I swear I'm hearing this ever so slight "Whistle" or Squeal coming from something up front.


Now considering I DO have a endtank issue with my Stock TMIC, which appears to be seeping/leaking... I wonder if this could be where I'm feeling my power loss, and potential "Whine" under mid to high boost?




P.S. the little noise again is very subtle, probably wouldn't even pick up in a video clip, and I'm just noticing it for the first time lately... And ONLY happening very briefly under heavy boost

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Without a log or at least a boost gauge it is all speculation. But if you already suspect you have a post turbo leak...


Yea I wish I had the capabilities to pull all of that together, but not at the moment...


But this is the current state of my TMIC at about 97k (Bottom lefthand/passenger side corner)... Thats why I started off with this particular speculation.


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