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BrenTuning: 2005 Legacy GT Tomioka 20G 5EAT


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Event: Dyno tune

Car: 2005 Legacy GT

Tuner: BG @ BrenTuning

Location: Sea Level

Temperature: Mid 40s

Dyno Info: Dyno Dynamics Digital, Shootout

Transmission: 5EAT

Gear: 3RD

Peak HP: 335whp

Peak Torque: 375wtq

Baseline hp/tq for stock on same dyno: Unknown

Target Boost: 19psi peak to 18psi redline

Fuel: 93 E10

Engine/Power Modifications:


Stock motor


TD06 20G Turbo LGT fitment

DW740 Injector

Walbro 255


GT Spec header


Limitations: Transmission and motor. Car was very solid here at this level. It is very difficult to not sit on the limiter in 1st gear with this type of power in the a 5EAT that has some mileage on it. They get a bit sloppy in between gears and hang. You must modify the drive by wire towards redline to get these cars to shift. A valvebody upgrade is recommended and also a transmission cooler. On the DD dyno the converter will unlock/lock mid pull so it's a bit difficult to tune on the dyno. They usually will slip a bit around 5000 each pull.


I am a big fan of this turbo, it moves a lot of G/S for it's size. It is decently expensive for an off branded turbo. Time will tell but this is the 3rd one I've done. The 5spd LGT made 350whp/400wtq.



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