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Interior lighting


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Anyone who has a car can install footwell lighting. All you need is a power source and a ground. Some might have some other options to have the ability to run it to a dimmer switch to allow the lights to be at a certain brightness.
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It's simple if you have a basic understanding of DC electrical systems. I've put it in my BE and I just bought the desired LED's from SuperBrightLEDs.com and ran a power and ground wire from the dome light in the roof to my LED's. I chose the dome light because it 'fades to black' from the factory, as do my footwell lights. Also, it comes on when a door is opened and so do my footwell lights. I have it in the front and rear footwells.


I took it one step further and wired in a relay circuit to a seperate switch so I can also toggle them on or off whenever I want, with or without the car running.


Hope this gives you some direction.

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