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N/a ej22.

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As some of you already know, I have put together a DOHC EJ22 & it is running quite nicely. In fact, it's running so nicely that I plan to build another in the near future after I eventually turbo the one I have. I'm not looking for omnipresent power with the new engine, just for a better N/A EJ22.

Keeping that in mind, I have come up with this formula:


97-99 25D heads.

EG33 pistons (4) or 222 pistons.

257 piston rods.

222 shortblock.

.050 MLS Phase 2 head gaskets.

Phenolic intake manifold spacers.

UEL headers or EL headers if I really want that extra 10bhp.

2.25 inch exhaust piping from the catalytic converters back.


I know I could grab a 25D & have more displacement & power but how close can I get to the 2.5 in power w/the EJ22 is a question I'd like to answer. Does anyone even think I'd touch 160bhp, especially since the JDM 20D puts out 150bhp?

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