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JDM kit install with brushed titanium vinyl wrap (PICS)


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Tackled the JDM install this weekend. I had the kit, radio adapter and i88 harness. I could not leave it black so i used 3m brushed tatanium vinyl wrap (first time), very easy to use. Ill post some pics and a few tips.



1. Dig finger into shiftboot and pull-up from inside. Unhook cigarette lighter

2. 2 bolts hold the vertical side trim, take these out and pull trim up.

3. stock radio held by 6 bolts, 3 on each side.




1. this is all about the initial cut so lay object down and trace around with marker.

2. you want some vinyl to be long enough to wrap around any side and then some just to make it secure.

3. A few passes with a hairdryer really softens it up for any curves or indents.

4. once you have a rough cut, pull off backside to reveal adhesive and place on table upside down. Slowly line up trim over it and push down lightly to get it to stick. You can now flip it over and start going over parts with your finger. Do any large, flat surface areas first and save and holes for last.





1. solder harness together, i did not use the Mute cable and reverse camera.

2. trim left side of tabs under hvac unit about 4mm on each side.

3. With perfect tabs, it still didnt line up perfectly. i ender up using only 2 bolts to secure the headunit and then used some force to put in the left side vertical trim piece and this kinda pushed everything into place. Then the rest of the trim and a couple of light fist taps on the left and right side to set everything into place : )



Ipod was the goal so i took the armrest 12v out and put a usb cable through there, filed a tiny bit of the 12v cap so the wire would fit. Think it looks pretty clean.









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nice its pretty fun to do. there is a brushed steel thats pretty sweet as well. Disregard the colors you see on these pallettes on the internet they are way off, the titanium is brown in most of them. Just googl each one and look at car threads under images.




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