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Resealing Headlights


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I've searched to no avail, so if someone could happily point me to a thread if there is one, that would be great! I'm going to open up my headlights a second time to do the TRS retrofit and I'd like to take off the factory adhesive sealer and reseal them. I was just curious what method I should use to remove the old sealant as well as what I should use as a new sealant? Thanks in advance!
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The best way to remove the old sealant is to use a heat gun and start wiping it off once it become soft. Then use something like gumout (or alcohol) to wipe the rest of it off. Make sure to follow it up with alcohol (if gumout was used) so it's nice and clean for the new sealant.


Some have used clear silicone, or an auto parts store should carry this type of auto sealant.

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i went to walmart and bought a cheap flat head screw driver (one that you would never use again) *after its apart, i used the screw driver as a scraper and a heat gun to heat up the adhesive. run it along the channel/grooves. use a rag to remove the glob of adhesive on the screw driver *it will be hot!!!

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I just reused the old sealant and put it back together. Once it was cooled off, I used permatex clear flowable silicone. It has the consistency of thick pancake syrup and easily fills in the gap between the housings. I just wiped the excess off with a rag, so it looked like the lights were never opened. 3 years later, there was still never any condensation in the lights. And I live in the Pacific Northwest!
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Just my 2c....and I apologize for bumping


You can buy headlight sealant like this https://10carbest.com/how-to-reseal-headlight Literally google it and find it from a good site to buy it. I suggest TheRetroFitSourceor 15$ you will get enough of a roll of sealant to do more than 2 headlights. You could also use RTV black sealant. It is very simple.

You can do it one of 2 ways:

Either the really lazy and hope you get it right way by just taking the headlight off the car and sealing around the entire seam...


Take the headlight off the car then take it APART. Scrape out all the old sealant then put the new sealant you bought in the same seam.


I prefer the second option but some don't feel comfortable taking headlights apart or don't have the ability so it is up to you.

If you choose the second option I can tell you exactly how to take apart a headlight.

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