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Our Site's General "For Sale" Rules - All Members Please Review


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Our Market Place Member Private Sales section enables our members to list and sell their parts, cars, and non-auto-related items.


How-to walk-through, for loading required photos to the Site's server, is found here


To ensure that this section runs smoothly, we've established specific templates and procedures that are stickied at the top of each of the individual Member Private Sales sub-forums - Links to these are all located at the bottom of this thread


UPDATE 11-14-2017: To enable staff to scan quickly through the volumes of Marketplace threads and identify those which meet the For Sale Rules for that forum, the following "Asterisk" convention is now in use: (See the specific Marketplace rules below this update.)

* = all good (thread is fully compliant with forum rules)

* NO PICS = thread is missing all required pictures

* LINKED = required photos are linked - not permitted

* PRICE = required price is not listed or make offer is posted

* TITLE = required title information is missing

* VIN = required VIN is missing

* MISSING ALL = required documentation, template, and/or pictures is missing


The following are our minimum rule-set for the Member Private Sales Forum



  • Member sellers only - Vendors selling used, take-off parts, are permitted
  • Items for sale must be your own items, this includes all vehicles - no listing on behalf of non-members
  • All Items sold (or bought) are not for profit - this includes quantities of the same items, purchasing multiple parts from other members to sell off-site, scavenging items from multiple vehicles to sell on the site
  • Item for sale with restrictions, or where one member has to commit to a financial obligation through another member (pay to use), will not be sold on LegacyGT.com. This also includes Subaru Bucks

Notice: Due to increasing new member registrations and issues with members not following the rules in the marketplace, restrictions have been added that require new members to be registered for 30 days and to have 15 contributory posts before they can access the marketplace.


Newly Registered Members can VIEW the marketplace and threads, but will not be able to SELL, nor post in other FS threads, until they have satisfied the 30-day and 15-post requirements.

DOCUMENTATION (all must be posted/in-place within 24hrs) - NO EXCEPTIONS:

  • Location of item must be listed in your title
  • Ready-for-sale photos, of your items, must be loaded to the site - Use the site's Manage Attachments process. External URLs and Linked Photos will be removed
  • No links to other similar items or manufacturer's website
  • Those items, that sellers intend to be "local only" sales, must be listed in the respective Marketplace sub-forum, then a link to the item can be posted in the regional forum
  • Misrepresentation of an item is unacceptable and offenders may be permanently banned
  • A reasonable price must be listed - We're not an auction site
  • Failure to properly document your FS item, or to load ready-for-sale photos to the site within 24 hours, will result in the thread being closed and moved off-forum. Likewise FS items listed in regional sub-forums in lieu of listing in the FS sub-forums will be removed


  • Post items that are ready to sell
  • Don't delete anything
    • Retain all original post information, e.g., listing information, photos, price(s), etc., if/when a part is Sold or is no longer available for sale
    • Keep all transactional information in the thread, including offer for the part(s), and acceptance of the offer by the seller


    [*]Identify member-buyer(s) and sold price in the thread

    [*]Members who consistently fail to comply with listing requirements can lose their right to post in Member Classified


  • Use of "dibs", "I'll take it", or other "like" posts MUST BE followed immediately by PM with PayPal or other payment info
  • Use PMs only to exchange payment or pickup/delivery information
  • Discuss shipping/handling as part of the sale - make sure the item is delivered or shipped properly to the intended buyer
  • Handle disputes privately


  • Not use PayPal's "gift" feature to purchase anything on the site.
  • Use iTrader to document their transaction


Please keep in mind, we cannot watch every Market Place thread, so we rely on our members to help out if they see something that isn't right. If you see a violation, please report the thread or send a PM to any of the staff. And more than anything, BUY OR SELL AT YOUR OWN RISK!




Thank you for keeping the forums running smoothly!



Edited by SBT
Updated Seller/Buyer Responsibilities
- Pro amore Dei et patriam et populum -
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