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Urgent help!!!!


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One ADDITIONAL thing to note.... '05 rear seats ARE NOT split fold down. '08 rear seats ARE split fold down. You will need to do some modification to the interior rear seat framing if you plan on installing '08 rear sedan seats.


I know that there is a How-To on the forum somewhere. My attempt in searching to find it has been unsuccessful so far.

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So I have to fabricte the rear, the fronts might have different harness


In short, yes you got it.


Fronts. Should bolt in. Wiring harness might be different.


Rears. Will require you to grind down some brackets on your vehicle which support your current rear seats. You will not need to modify the '08 seats to fit.

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Spent a bit more time doing some searching for you and found these threads. Good luck with the modding!


Looks like you will need a few other parts such as brackets, and trim. If you are taking the seats out of a donor car maybe you can pick those parts up too or else you'll have to buy these from the dealer. The walk through thread below has the details on the parts and part numbers.


Walk Through




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