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How many of you have had your head gaskets fall to bits?

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Hey guys!


I registered here today after I got the chance at buying a 1995 Legacy GT 2.0 with 115000 miles on the clock. I love the look of these cars and this one is tidy and was mostly used as a 2nd car owned by a family.

It's got a good amount of service history but it doesn't say anything about head gasket replacement?


After a bit of reading around here I think the engine is the EJ20 2.0 L DOHC and that this one was particularly prone to eating the head gaskets? Is this correct?


I know this question must get asked over and over again - and I did use the search the forum button ;) - but what is the failure rate of these things? Is it a sure thing that the damn things are going to fall to bits? I kind of figured that after almost 18 years of use if they were gonna break they'd be broken by now.


How many of you have had this problem?

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look for a tag like this (below) on the left side strut tower (driver side in the US) . it will list the egine. europe and asia may have gotten the ej20 DOHC in the legacy in 95 but the US did not, ej22 SOHC only.



the ej25 DOHC came out in the US on the 96 models, outbacks & GTs. and this is the engine most known for bad head gaskets.


where are you located??





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