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Thinking of buying another legacy, but something seems fishy

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There is a local 95 LSi for sale that I'm thinking of buying. I saw it today with nobody there and she has been sitting a while. The paint looks like garbage and she's been sitting a while, since the rotor faces are rusted. But that's where I was thrown. It has discs in the back. According to the VIN, it should have drums and a 2.2L engine. Is the decoder crap or does this thing have red flags all over?


The vin: 4S3BD6551S7223033


It has around 86k miles on it and is a reconstructed title. The issue is that there is no spark from what the craigslist ad says. I contacted the seller and they said they replaced the coil, but it still gets no spark. Any idea on this one?


Also, the car is $400, so as long as nothing is blatantly wrong, I don't mind putting work into it.

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The 1995 LSI did have 4 wheel disc brakes and does come with the 2.2 engine. I don't have the means to check that VIN at the moment, but I'll check when I get a chance. I think you may be reading it wrong or it's possibly (since it is a salvaged title) that it is infact not originally an LSi and was fixed with an LSi parts car. A 95/96 LSi is basically the same as a 96 GT but without the 2.5 or the suspension tuning or the bumper and rocker trim. It's designed more for luxury with it's leather, tweeters, CD changer, and other random extras that the GT doesn't come with.


Post a link of the ad for us.


A no spark issue can lead back to issues farther than just the plugs, wires, and coil. I've seens cars have this issue and it not be fixed even after raplcing all of those components. Not to say at all that this car coudn't be easily fixed.

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^^ what he said. If you do get it the first thing you should try is cleaning the coil pack harness. People overlook that and if it gets corroded from the weather nothing between the pigtail and the engine will fix it. It's also basically free to try first.


Sounds like a steal if you're ready to put some work into it.

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So I'm planning on how to troubleshoot the no start situation. There's no spark, so I'll go for the connector first, which I hadn't thought of before.


Other spots I'll try are


Ground wires


Second coil is fluke defective


Cam and crankshaft sensors




Plugs and wires and the rest of the stupid things


Any other ideas?


If the seller will let me, I'll just show up with my L wagon of the same year and transplant parts til she fires to diagnose

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