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Help requested changing Back Up lights

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I recently upgraded some of my lights in my 2011 Legacy because

I like the bright white LED look for license plate and trunk light.

Wow! Bright! I had no issues installing these.


What I need is your expertise in solving the following issue:[/color][/b]


When I went to try to change my Back up Light bulbs I couldn't. It may have been the Heat &Humidity and my impatience fuddling around after I removed the kick Panel in the trunk on the back of the light housing. I tried jamming my XL hands in many different ways to gain access to the bulb.


Am I missing a step? Is there a tool I need?


I by no means am a mechanic but I like to think of myself

as someone who can cover the basics.


Can anyone provide me with suggestions on how best I can

Remove this to gain access to the bulb to swap out for LED bulbs

I have?

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Maybe it's different in the 5th gen but I did mine in literally 45 seconds (including opening the packaging they came in). On the 4th you unclip the cover, twist the bulb socket about 30 degrees and pull out - reverse the procedure to put it back together.
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