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H6 vs Turbo springs on an 08 outback xt


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Trying to find some solid info. I am putting new KYB's on the car. 05+front,03 on rear.


Rear rallitek springs.


On opposedforces.com/parts. the h6 and the 2.5xt have different springs. Any factual info that the H6's are stiffer?


I tried searching, but h6 and springs in the search bar brings up all threads with the word spring in it.


I am trying to firm up the front a tad to go with the stiffer rear springs I have.

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Check out this thread over on subaruoutback forum: http://www.subaruoutback.org/forums/81-wheels-tires-brakes-suspension/24725-replace-rear-shocks-05-outback-16.html#post449045

It does not really answer your question but it sheds some light on how the car feels with the stiffer springs in the rear. I have them with 00-04 rear struts and still stock everything at the front. The ride is awesome.

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The h6 outback springs have an extra half coil on them compared to the xt springs. Its supposed to be there for the added weight of the h6. Hope this helps.


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