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Loose shifter or linkage?


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Yesterday while driving to work my car went into 3rd gear and then never came out of it. The shifter was just moving all over without engaging anything. I figured the shift linkage was broken so I had it towed to the dealer and they found the pin that holds the shift knuckle had fallen out (which is interesting) so they replaced it with a bolt/nut instead of a replacement pin. This should have forever prevented the same thing from happening.


However when I picked it up from the dealer it had significant amounts of play/slop in the shifter both when in gear and in neutral. You know how you normally get some resistance and the selector generally wants to recenter itself when neutral? Well now it leans itself over just taking a turn. Even in first gear I could see almost 4" of left-right play, far more than the half inch of play there was prior to the linkage issue. Worse yet it's tough now to know where the next gear is because I don't have that resistance helping to guide me so I was hitting between 3rd and 5th a lot.


The dealer is stumped. It has an SPT short-shifter but that doesn't seem to be the issue. Looking to the masses for other ideas. We've already verified the poly ball is in its socket so it isn't that. They're going to order the pin and replace the nut/bolt idea with that to see if it made the difference (part comes in Thursday). Any other tensioners or springs in that assembly that imparts that resistance/pressure on the selector? There's no way I am going to tolerate a sloppy gear selector like that in my Spec B :mad:

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Get under the car and make sure the shifter is tight. LAst summer after I put the tranny back in the shifter had lots of play a few weeks later. I just tightened up the bolts and nuts that hold it together and on.


Can't really remember but when you see it it will be obvious.

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