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Possible leak....losing what little hair I have left

lethal legacy

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Hey guys,


I need some help in a bad way...so here's the skinny...


I have a 05 LGT 5EAT w/ ~135k miles on her (I'm the original owner). She is on her 3rd turbo (first blew and replaced, second blew about a yr ago and was rebuilt) now and i'm trying to keep from moving to the 4th. After doing a couple of the cheap DIY's found on the site(below), I started experiencing an odd noise that, apparently, only i can hear. I assume its because everyone who listens, thinks it's a "normal turbo noise". I've searched the threads for similar noises and have done the suggested fixes, but it still remains. I also seem to be losing a tiny bit of power, but nothing noticeable. Also, i used the Torque app and Elm adapter to get some readings. It looks like at WOT in 3rd I'm only pushing about 11.4lbs of boost. From what i understand, i should be pushing somewhere around 12-14lbs on a stock at redline. Is this right? :spin:


What's really puzzling me is that the noise started happening about 3 weeks after my last mod. I would assume that if it was one of the mods, i would have heard it immediately after the completion of the mod, not almost a month later.:confused:


Mods list:

* DP Cat delete

*MP Cat delete

*2.2k Ohm resistor

* Open Air Induction w/ K&N Drop in filter

* DIY JDM Grill


So here's what ive done so far:


1) replaced the gaskets that we're effected in the DP CAT removal (TB>DP, DP>MP, MP>Exhaust "donut"

2) Pulled DP off and checked for shaft play *within tolerable amounts*

3) checked oil levels and consistancy - all good as i changed it less than a month ago.

4) Pulled IC and checked T connection, all good there


I put a video up of the noise that i hear. It starts about 3 seconds in and end around 6 sec.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-wsuUXp3GI&feature=youtu.be


Any suggestions or recommendations is appreciated!

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Does your car have a tune? If not, you're asking for trouble...


Not yet..I just started a new job and am waiting for sales to pick up. Its definitely the first thing on my list to get done tho. As dumb of a question this is, what should I expect in the interim?

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search the forums. you should run into some threads about what happens to your car without a tune when you eliminate a cat. also, you still have a cat in your UP... you may want to eliminate that cat too.
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Update: she's all back to stock (picked up new DP/MP with cats intact and removed 2.2k resistor) but I'm still hearing the noise.


I've been doing some reading and have narrowed it down to three possibilities:


1) Alternator is going bad or

2) UP Cat partially failed and shot debris into the turbo chipping/damaging some of the fins.

3) I'm overly paranoid about the condition of my car due to blowing two turbos


Now, I'm leaning towards #1 because I pulled off the belts to the alternator and checked it out. It looks like there's a slight wobble from the pulley and wasn't spinning as smoothly as it should, which could be the bearings starting to go out. I haven't had a chance to pull the UP and inspect it yet, but was wondering if was even necessary. Reason being is that the fins on the outlet spindle are in perfect shape and there is acceptable shaft play. Which leads to my question:


If the UP cat were to fail, wouldn't I be able to see some effects on the outlet fins?


Again, I know I'm an idiot for attempting those mods without the proper knowledge and any information and advice is EXTREMELY appreciated.

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You haven't described the noise you're hearing at all aside from saying you are the only one that hear's it. What is it exactly that you expect anyone to suggest?


Details my friend--you need more of them.


Post a video of the noise.

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