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What would you pay? 98 LGT Wagon


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I want a Gen 2 Legacy GT wagon BADLY. I have found one in good shape with 115K miles and a supposed binder full of service/maintenance records.

I haven't been able to see the records yet since the seller is using a display service.This is the First owner also. Asking price @ $5000 is high, but seller seems flexible.


Timing belt has been done and vehicle is wearing new, matching tires.

The head gaskets have not been done yet. If they had been done I would go up to $4K. I checked the coolant and it looked old, but clear. Oil had just been changed so is also clear. Temp gauge stayed constant during 25min test drive.

Can I just assume that the HG woes will arrive soon and use this as bargaining leverage? How much can I expect to pay to have the HGs done along with water pump?


For those in the know, what would you pay for this vehicle pre head gasket replacement? Im leaning in $3000 at the moment.


Thanks in advance for responses!

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matters how is the body looking? any rust, usually 2nd gens (still without head gasket done) you can get it for around $3000, head gasket with the water pump your looking at about 1000-1200, matters where your doing it, if you do it yourself you save ALOT
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